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Battle Name : Friedland

Date(s) : 14 June 1807

Part of : The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars ,

Outcome : A victory for Grande Armée over Russian forces

Type of battle : Land


Bennigson's Russians had concentrated at Friedland in East Prussia after the battle at Heilsberg. Napoleon sent Lannes and 17,000 men to delay him, and prevent him withdrawing further while he concentrated his own forces. Lannes held the Russians for most of the day until around 5:30, by which time Napoleon had around 80,000 men to oppose Bennigsen's 60,000 and launched his main offensive. Ney led the attack on the Russian left, crushing it and driving them back into the city. The right however held out and although suffering heavy losses were able to fall back beyond the river. The victory for the French was such that Tzar Alexander asked for terms, and the treaty of Tilsit brought the War of the Fourth Coalition to an end.

Casualty figures

Grande Armée

Number engaged :

Casualties :
8,000 (10.00%)

Russian forces

Number engaged :

Casualties :
20,000 (33.33%)