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Gaines Mill

Battle Name : Gaines Mill

Date(s) : 27 June 1862

Part of : American Civil War , Eastern Theatre, 1862 , McClellan's Peninsula Campaign , The Seven Days ,

Outcome : A victory for American Confederate Forces over American Union Forces

Type of battle : Land


Lee, having concentrated his forces, and despite Jackson arriving late, attacked the Union position on Turkey Hill, overlooking Gaines Mill. John Bell Hood's Texans managed to create a breach in Union lines at the point of bayonet and Longstreet and Jackson helped widen it, but Fitz-John Porter's bluecoats held their own and following reinforcement from McClellan were able to withdraw in good order.


Between Gaines Mill and Turkey Hill on the northern bank of the Chickahominy River, north east of Richmond, Virginia, USA (USA)