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Battle Name : Ancona

Date(s) : 14 October 1799 - 13 November 1799

Part of : The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars , French War of the Second Coalition ,

Outcome : A victory for Coalition Forces [Austro-Russo-Turkish] over French Garrison

Type of battle : Land, Seige


The fortress port was invested mainly by the Austrians from the landward side and by warships of the Russian and Turkish navies from the seaward side. The navies also landed guns and manned shore batteries. In addition to the formal armies about 1,000 local people fought for the French and 6,000 fought for the coalition. The 1,800 French survivors were allowed free passage back to France on conditions.


A fortress-port on the Adriatic coast of central Italy. (Italy)

Casualty figures

French Garrison

Number engaged :

Casualties :
2,800 (100.00%)

Coalition Forces [Austro-Russo-Turkish]

Number engaged :

Casualties :
400 (2.35%)