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Battle Name : Glogau

Date(s) : 06 November 1806 - 02 December 1806

Part of : The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars , French War of the Fourth Coalition , Napoleon's Eylau-Friedland Campaign ,

Outcome : A victory for French Allies [Bavarians & Württembergers] over Prussian Garrison

Type of battle : Land


An early move in the Eylau-Friedland campaign the fortress was invested by Napoleon's Bavarian Division. On the 25 Novemeber they handed over to the Württember Division [the Bavarians becoming the right flank guard to the Grande Armée's move eastwards]. The fortress surrendered with the officers released on parole and the men becoming prisoners of war.


A fortress [now called Glogow] in Prussia on the river Oder about 90 miles southeast of Frankfurt. (Poland)

Casualty figures

French Allies [Bavarians & Württembergers]

Number engaged :

Casualties :
30 (0.30%)

Prussian Garrison

Number engaged :

Casualties :
3,200 (100.00%)