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Battle Name : Golovchin

Date(s) : 04 July 1708

Part of : Second or Great Northern War ,

Outcome : A victory for Swedish Army over Russian Army

Type of battle : Land


The Russian army were drawn up on the east bank of the river Babich. Fearing the usual Swedish tactics of an outflanking move the Russians were well spread out. Charles Xll concentrated his forces opposite a perceived weakness in the Russian line. At first light, about 4am, the Swedish artillery which had been moved into position in the hours of darkness, opened fire. Charles then waded the river leading his infantry to attack the Russians. An attempt by the Russian cavalry to take the attackers in the flank was foiled by the Swedish cavalry. The Russians fought well but because of a marsh other units of their army could not come to their support. Only after 4 hours of fighting did they give way and fell back in groups of company strength. Charles did not pursue because of the large number of Russian troops who had not hitherto been engaged.
Although this was a victory for the Swedes their losses were more significant to them than were the Russian losses to themselves. Also the Russian army had fallen back in good order.


In Belarus approximately 100 miles east of Minsk. (Belarus)

Casualty figures

Russian Army

Number engaged :

Casualties :
1,652 (5.51%)

Swedish Army

Number engaged :

Casualties :
1,267 (6.34%)