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Gravelotte or St Privat

Battle Name : Gravelotte or St Privat

Date(s) : 18 August 1870

Part of : Franco-Prussian War ,

Outcome : A victory for Prussian & Allied Forces over French Forces


After Mars-la-Tour (see entry) the French fell back east to a strong defensive position on a ridge running north from Rozerieulles to St Privat, leaving much equipment and stores behind, while von Moltke brought up the whole of the Prussian 2nd Army and 2 Corps of the 1st Army into position near Gravelotte. On the 18th they attacked and while the French held firm and fought a solid defensive battle, they failed to counter-attack which could have carved a path to Verdun and put the Prussians in a difficult position. Again, German casualties were high with the whole right wing collapsing but by nightfall, the French preferred to fall back under the guns of Metz. Von Moltke was handed an expensive but strategically important victory by Bazaine's conservatism.


To the east of the village of Gravelotte, several miles west of Metz, North-east France. (France)