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Great stand on the Ugra river

Battle Name : Great stand on the Ugra river

Date(s) : 08 October 1480 - 11 November 1480

Part of : Russian-Mongolian Wars (Golden Horde Dynastic War) ,

Outcome : A victory for Russian Forces over Tartar forces

Type of battle : Land


A victory for Russian forces over the Mongol Tartars signaling an end to Tartar rule over Russian territory.

More details

On October 8, 1480 Akhmat Khan attempted to pass Grand Duke Ivan III's regiments on the Oka river from the west and thus unite his army with Casimir\'s. As the Khan\'s forces approached the Ugra river (a tributary of the Oka) they were met by the Russian army under Ivan Molodoy (Ivan\'s son) and Andrey Menshoy ( Ivan\'s brother) resulting in a 4-day battle. The mongol river crossing was denied and Akhmat retreated to the town of Vorotynsk, where he waited for Casimir\'s army.

The Mongols waited for reinforcements until November 11 but Casimir iV had internal issues in Poland and was fighting in the Crimea so was unable to oblige so, short of supplies and suffering from the winter weather, the Tartars withdrew.

Casualty figures

Russian Forces

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Casualties :

Tartar forces

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