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Battle Name : Ingogo

Date(s) : 08 February 1881

Part of : British Victorian Colonial 'Small Wars' , The 1st Boer War, or Transvaal War of Independence ,

Outcome : A victory for Boer (Transvaal) forces over British Colonial forces

Type of battle : Land


General Colley launched an attack on Boer troops threatening his lines of communication in the area of the Ingogo river on the Natal/Transvaal border. With 4 companies of the 3rd Battalion, 60th Rifles and two 9 pounder guns he advanced up the slope of a plateau towards Boer fire. It was a hopeless situation since the plateau was surrounded on three sides by Boer reinforcements as soon as the British reached the top and the two field guns could make little impression on the opposing marksmen in cover. After spending most of the day in this precarious position, with no supplies and little reinforcement, and fire occasionally coming from behind as well as in front and flanks, Colley decided to retreat under cover of darkness. Colley's second major defeat, but unfortunately for the British, not his last.