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Battle Name : Kobryn

Date(s) : 27 July 1812

Part of : The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars , Napoleon's Russian Campaign ,

Outcome : A victory for Russian Force over French Allies [Saxons]

Type of battle : Land


An unfortunate first contact for the French Southern Flank Guard of the Grand Armée when they came up against part of the Russian Third Army of the West. They were outnumbered about 4 to 1. Just over 3,200 fit men were captured the remainder were killed or wounded. Russian losses were said to be light.


A village about 30 miles east of Brest-Litowsk in southwestern Belarus. (Belarus)

Casualty figures

French Allies [Saxons]

Number engaged :

Casualties :
3,500 (100.00%)

Russian Force

Number engaged :

Casualties :