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Krasnoe, First battle of

Battle Name : Krasnoe, First battle of

Date(s) : 14 August 1812

Part of : The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars , Napoleon's Russian Campaign ,

Outcome : A victory for Russian forces over French Vanguard Cavalry

Type of battle : Land


Napoleon's vanguard of cavalry of Ney's III Corps, advancing on Smolensk reached Krasnoe in late afternoon of the 14th to find General Neveroski's division guarding the Dnieper's southern bank. Ney attacked at once, without waiting for his infantry to move up or the artillery to arrive. The Russians formed square, and beat off 40 cavalry charges before withdrawing under cover of darkness. The Russian commander Barclay de Tolly was thus warned of Napoleon's approach.


West of Smolensk on the Dnieper river, Russia (Russia)

Casualty figures

French Vanguard Cavalry

Number engaged :

Casualties :
500 (3.33%)

Russian forces

Number engaged :

Casualties :
640 (8.89%)