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La Rothière

Battle Name : La Rothière

Date(s) : 01 February 1814

Part of : The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars , Napoleon's defence of France ,

Outcome : A victory for Allied Forces over French Forces

Type of battle : Land


In a battle of attack and counter-attack the result was a close run thing. Napoleon had decided to withdraw from the position but he was attacked before he could pull out. After desperate fighting with losses about equal Napoleon was able to disengage covered by snow, darkness and his artillery. His big losses was the guns he could not extricate, 73 were taken by the Allies, and his reputation for invincibility in the eyes of his own troops..


A village between Bar-sur-Aube and Brienne in northeastern France. (France)

Casualty figures

French Forces

Number engaged :

Casualties :
5,600 (12.44%)

Allied Forces

Number engaged :

Casualties :
6,000 (7.50%)