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Battle Name : Lesnaya

Date(s) : 28 September 1708

Part of : Second or Great Northern War ,

Outcome : A victory for Russian Force over Swedish Force

Type of battle : Land


The desperately needed Swedish supply column, escorted by 12,500 troop reinforcements was hurrying to meet up with Charles and the main army. Peter saw the opportunity to intercept the supplies and formed a 'flying column' of crack infantry, who were mounted, dragoons and cavalry. The Swedish commander Lewenhaupt could not move fast enough to escape the Russians so he turned to fight. The battle began at 1 pm and for the first few hours the contest was very close. As night and an unseasonal snowstorm fell Lewenhaupt ordered the wagons and supplies burnt and the troops to retreat. The Swedes only managed to extricate 6000 soldiers from the engagement.
The loss of so many men and all of the much needed supplies was a disaster for Charles.


In Russia about 100 miles due South West of Smolensk. (Russia)

Casualty figures

Swedish Force

Number engaged :

Casualties :
6,807 (54.46%)

Russian Force

Number engaged :

Casualties :
3,967 (27.12%)