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British Saracen Armoured Personnel Carrier


Built on the same basic chassis as the Saladin Armoured Car (see entry), this 6 wheel drive APC was designed in 1952 and has served with the British army until the 1990's, latterly in an urban role in Northern Ireland, and with many other countries until very recently. The engine is mounted forward of the centrally positioned driver, and a squad of 10 troops could be carried in the armoured crew compartment, accessible by the twin rear doors. A hand-operated turret could contain a 7.62mm machine gun such as the bren and ports down the flanks and in the rear doors permitted the occupants to fire their personal weapons. It had the same performance as the Saladin, a speed of 45mph, good cross-country performance and the ability to operate on 5 wheels to cope with mine damage.


Yorkshire Squadron, The Queens Own Yeomanry, Fulford Barracks, York. Feb' 2004

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