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Pembroke Castle

The northern side, overlooking the river
The gatehouse from inside the castle
The southern side with the main gate
The inner ward, with a view of the round keep


The medieval castle of Pembroke. It was originally constructed at the beginning of the 13th century to replace an earlier wooden castle built by the Norman baron, Roger de Montgomery in 1093. It became the seat of the Earls of Pembroke and was the birthplace of the future Henry VII.
Later, Pembroke was held for Parliament during the 1st Civil War but during the 2nd, in 1648, it's disaffected inhabitants declared for the King, and Cromwell was forced to besiege and reduce it.
Much of his damage was resrored during the early 20th century and it is now a very impressive early medieval welsh castle.


Pembrokeshire, Wales. August 2004

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