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Australian War Memorial, London


The beautiful, sweeping curve of the West Australian green granite wall at Hyde Park Corner has the 24,000 names of the home towns and villages of the Australian service personnel who fought in both world wars. By use of subtle highlighting of some letters in the place names, 47 battle sites representative of where Australians fought have been superimposed. In addition, the centre section has water flowing over the granite face.

The main inscription accompanying bronze plaques representing the 3 arms reads "Whatever burden you are to carry we also will shoulder that burden" and on a plaque in front of the wall - "Australian War Memorial. Dedicated in the presence of Her Majesty The Queen, The Hon John Howard MP Prime Minister of Australia, The Rt Hon Tony Blair MP Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and contingents of Australian and British Veterans. 11 November 2003.


London, England. June, 2005

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