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Images of Monuments and Memorials

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A monument by Louis Ernest Barrias situated in the business district of Paris, la Defense, "recalling the courage of Parisiens during the terrible seige of 1870-71" which was the culmination of the Franco-Prussian War.
La Defense, Paris, France. Feb 2007

The statue outside the former Royal Marines Eastney barracks near Portsmouth dedicated to those who fought in the Falklands War 1982. It is based on an iconic photograph of a Marine 'yomping' or travelling cross-country from the landing point in San ...
Royal Marines Museum, Eastney, Southsea nr Portsmouth, England. 2007

An arch, over the entrance to the central park, dedicated to the 4th Battalion raised from Hexham men.
Hexham, Northumberland, UK. January 2009

A memorial to more than 20,000 aircrew of the Royal Air Force and Commonwealth Air Forces who died in the second world war and who have no known grave. It takes the form of a quadrangle of cloisters, approached by a long drive leading to three arches...
Runnymede, near Windsor, Berkshire, UK. February 2005.

Alnwick, Northumberland, UK. August 2008

The beautiful, sweeping curve of the West Australian green granite wall at Hyde Park Corner has the 24,000 names of the home towns and villages of the Australian service personnel who fought in both world wars. By use of subtle highlighting of some l...
London, England. June, 2005

A collection of Naval Memorials positioned on the banks of the River Mersey at Georges Dock Pierhead in Liverpool. They commemorate the vital part the city and it's shipping played in the survival of the British during the Second World War. The firs...
Georges Dock, Liverpool. Feb 2005

A monument on the Bosworth Battlefield placed to commemorate the fall of King Richard III during the battle. Although it indicates that it is placed on the spot where he fell, current research indicates that the actual site of the battle was some mil...
Bosworth Battlefield Visitor Centre and Country Park, Warwickshire, UK. March 2004

A Victorian pyramid built over a spring where, legend has it, King Richard III slaked his thirst during the battle of Bosworth.
Bosworth Battlefield Visitor Centre and Country Park, Warwickshire, UK. March 2004

A monument erected to the 'Cavalry of the Empire', regiments commemorating those who fell from those regiments in both world wars. Features a triumphant St George, sword upraised over the vanquished dragon. The low wall behind the statue lists the re...
Hyde Park, London, England. June 2005

A monument dedicated the men of Cirencester who lost their lives in both the First and Second World Wars. It is particularly unusual in that the normal memorial cross is positioned next to the wall of the church which itself has the inscriptions of t...
Cirencester, England. Summer 2007

A intersting example of a motte and bailey castle, the mound being the remains of a wooden castle built by William I around 1068 with the four-lobed stone keep replacing the wooden structure in the 13th Century. It has a commanding view of the Vale o...
Tower Street, York,UK. March 2005 & March 2006.

Clifton near York, UK. November 2008

A monument to the Duke of Wellington at Hyde Park, outside his former home, Apsley House. The memorial is surrounded by 4 figures depicting four regiments he was associated with during his military career.
Hyde Park, London, England. June 2005

A memorial to the Royal Marines who fell in the Falklands War 1982 presented by the people of the Falklands themselves. It is situated outside the former Marine Barracks in the memorial gardens and the inscription reads: "These stones come trom th...
Royal Marines Museum, Eastney, Southsea nr Portsmouth, England. 2007

"...Erected by Fellow Villagers" - Lists the names of men of Farsley who died in the South African (2nd Boer) War, 1899 - 1902.
Farsley, West Yorkshire. Nov 2018

" 1914-1919 - In honour of the men of Farsley who gave their lives in the Great War" Also includes the names and a dedication to those who fell 1939-1945.
Farsley, West Yorkshire. Nov 2018

Hexham, Northumberland, UK. January 2009

A section of the Quarterdeck showing, in the foreground (and in the detail picture), a brass plaque marking the point where admiral Nelson fell during the Battle of Trafalgar to musket fire from the Redoutable. He died later, on the orlop deck with t...
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, August 2002

This memorial is dedicated: "In memory of the five million volunteers from the Indian Sub-Continent, Africa and the Caribbean who fought with Britain in the two World Wars." It was inaugurated on 6 November 2002 by Her Majesty the Queen. The four p...
London, England. June, 2005

A monument to the commander of the Cornish foot, Colonel Sir Bevile Grenvile, and the battle of Lansdown Hill (5th July 1643) positioned at the top of the hill (just off the present road) about the centre of the battlefield and approximately where he...
Lansdown Hill battlefield, near Bath, England. March 2003

Lindesfarne Island, Northumberland, UK. August 2008

This monument to the machine Gun Corps formed during the First World War shows the Boy David flanked by two Vickers machine guns draped with laurel wreaths and commemorates the fallen of this particularly brave unit sections of which formed the begin...
Hyde Park, London, England. June 2005

The monument to the Battle of Marston Moor, on the Tockwith to Long Marston road.
Marston Moor, between Tockwith and Long Marston, North Yorkshire, England. March 2003

The monument on Tower Hill in London to the Merchant sailors from both World Wars who have no known grave.
London, England. June, 2005

This column, at the top of Picton Terrace in Carmarthen, Wales, was errected to commemorate General Sir Thomas Picton, (August, 1758 - June 18, 1815) who led the 'Fighting' 3rd Division of the Duke of Wellington's troops during the Penninsular War an...
Carmarthen, Wales. August 2004

A monument built at the eastern most end of Hadrians Wall at the fort and museum of Segedunum. It is based on names from Century stones found along the length of the wall recording the Centurions in charge of the work parties on the construction.
Segedunum, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear, England. June 2004

A commemorative monument errected on the battlefield just north of Cromwell's position on Red Hill Ridge.
Naseby, Northamptonshire, August 2001

The war memorial in the centre of the village square in a small border village dedicated "To the memory of the men of Liddesdale who gave their lives for thei country in the Great War 1914-1918 and whose names are inscribes here with reverence and gr...
Newcastleton, Roxburghshire, Scotland. April 2005

A memorial garden dedicated to these two battalions with strong Hexham connections.
Hexham, Northumberland, UK. January 2009

The war memorial outside the main entrance to Pembroke castle.
Pembrokeshire, Wales. August 2004

The monument to personnel of the Royal Navy from both world wars who have no known Grave. The Inscription across the base of the Obelisk reads : 1914 - 1918 1939 - 1945 ALL THESE WERE HONOURED IN THEIR GENERATIONS AND WERE THE GLO...
Southsea Common, Portsmouth, England. August 2007

A memorial in the station museum at Linton-on-Ouse to the squadrons and personnel who served there during the Second World War. The Royal Canadian Air Force ensign is included as the airfield was, during the war, home to RCAF units.
RAF Linton-on-Ouse, North Yorkshire, England. May 2004.

The moving monument to the fallen of the Royal Artillery Regiment during the First World War designed by Charles Sergent Jagger and placed at Hyde Park Corner in London.
London, England. June, 2005

A monument, just off Horse Guards Parade, to the men of the Royal Artillery who fought with great bravery during the 2nd Anglo-Boer War.
London, England. June, 2005

An unusual monument to the men of the 35th Royal Sussex Rgt. Who died as a result of their action in the Egyptian campaigns of the 1880's. The monument is of pink marble and stands outside the elaborate Royal Pavilion commissioned by George IV in ...
Brighton, UK. Nov 2004

The monument in London commemorating Simón Bolívar, the leader of the South American revolutionary forces who gained independence from Spain after a long military struggle for much of that continent. Bolivia is named in his honour.
Belgrave Square, London, UK. June 2005

The tomb and memorial to Sir Thomas Fairfax, one of the most prominent and skillful commanders of Parliamentary forces during the 1st English Civil War. He was a Yorkshireman, and is buried in his local church near York. A fine soldier, he was always...
Bilbrough Church near York, UK. July 2004

A monument to more than two thousand British volunteers of The International Brigade who felt compelled to fight against the facist forces in the Spanish Civil War 1936-39. ""They went because their open eyes could see no other way.""
On the south bank of the Thames near Waterloo, London UK. Autumn 2003.

One of the finest combat aircraft in service during the second world war, the Spitfire entered service in June 1938. This replica is painted in the colours of 'R6690' of No. 609 (West Riding) Squadron and serves as a monument to that squadron. The or...
Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington, York, England. Easter 2003

One of the finest combat aircraft in service during the second world war, the Spitfire entered service in June 1938. This replica is painted in the colours of 'R6690' of No. 609 (West Riding) Squadron and serves as a monument to that squadron. The or...
Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington, York, England. Easter 2003

A plaque on the side of the current bridge in the town commemorating the battle in 1322.
Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire. June 2004

A monument placed at the side of the Great North Road a few mines north of Northallerton and in front of the battlefield itself.
Northallerton, North Yorkshire, Winter 2003/4

A memorial to the 2162 soldiers of the Brigade of Guards who fell in the Crimean War during the 1850's. The monument itself incorporates a selection of guns taken by the brigade during the battles.
London, England. June, 2005

Items commemorating the 2nd Battalion, Manchesters Rgt, and their actions in Burma 1944-45. They include a pair of Japanese Infantry officers' swords, a Japanese prayer flag, and British headgear used in the campaign. Also shown are rough wooden cros...
The Museum of Manchester's Regiment, Ashton-under-Lyne, UK. March 2004

This evocative memorial of a stylised maple leaf with water cascading down its polished face remembers the contribution of the Canadian soldiers in both world wars. It was designed by Pierre Granche and is in Green Park, London.
London, England. June, 2005

The symbolic 'empty tomb' in Whitehall, London which is the focus of Remembrance Day commemorations in the UK. It was designed in 1919 by Sir Edwin Lutyens in Portland Stone, and is surrounded by the flags of the Navy, Army, Air Force and Merchant Na...
Whitehall, London. June 2005

A monument errected after the 2nd Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 to commemorate the casualties in the various battalia of the Alexandra, Princess of Wales' Own Regiment of Yorkshire, also known as the Green Howards.
By Skeldergate bridge, York, North Yorkshire, England. Summer 2003.

A monument dedicated to a most unusual British brigade formed in Egypt in 1916 which fought in the Palestine Campaign and was only disbanded in 1919. The 4 battalions comprised troops from Britain, Australia and New Zealand and included artillery fro...
Victoria Embankment gardens, London, England. July 2006

Standing by Admiralty Arch on the Mall, this memorial commemorates the Royal Marines in both the Boer War and the Boxer Rebellion, China 1900. It represents a marine protecting a fallen comrade and accurately depicts the kit and equipment of the per...
The Mall, London. June 2005.

War memorial dedicated to the fallen from Towlaw, Thornley, Sunniside, Hedley Hope, East Hedley Hope and Satley in County Durham.
Towlaw, County Durham, UK. January 2009

The grave of Lord Dacre who was killed fighting for the Lancastrians at the Battle of Towton. He is said to be buried in a standing position along with his horse.
Saxton churchyard, North Yorkshire, England. March 2003

The monument to the Battle of Towton, on the Tadcaster to Sherburn-in-Elmet road.
Between Towton and Saxton, North Yorkshire, England. March 2003

A small cross, dedicated in the annual Towton Battlefield Society event to mark the battle. It commemorates the fallen of both sides in a restrained and poignant way.
Palm Sunday Battlefield event, Towton, North Yorkshire, 2009

A memorial cross to those of the parish of Acomb, near York, who fought in both World Wars. The names of the fallen of the First World War are listed on panels around the octagonal plinth on which the cross stands. The names of those who fell in the ...
Acomb Green, near York, England. August 2005

A simple, road-side memorial dedicated : "In proud and loving memory of the men and women of Leeman Road District who gave their lives in the Great War". It is unusual in that it lists 3 women, Mary E Carter, Lilian Eva Ellis and Gertrude Reed. F...
Leeman Road, York, England. June 2005.

An elegant celtic cross war memorial to "The Men of Looe" in Cornwall of both the 1914-18 and 1939-45 wars. Also dedicated "In grateful appreciation of the services of those who returned".
Looe, Cornwall, England. Summer 2007.

A simple obelisk monument to the men of the village of Upper Poppleton near York who gave their lives in the Great War positioned on a small roundabout in the centre of the village green.
Upper Poppleton, nr York, England. August 2005.

Placed just inside the doorway of the central post office in York.
York, UK. March, 2009

A memorial to the men of the North Eastern Railway who gave their lives on both wars.
York, UK. November 2009.

A monument errected after the 2nd Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 to commemorate those who fell from the County of Yorkshire. It is a particularly fine example with intricate carvings of soldiers, sailors, scouts, artillerymen and nurses who were all involv...
Deangate, outside the Minster's west doors, York, England. Spring 2003.