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Period illustrations, engravings and photographs.

A selection of illustrations and engravings, mostly from the 19th Century, on military subjects including campaign maps.
Also included here are period photographs taken during military service or of military-related subjects.

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Another image from Underwood and Underwood (from a stereoview) clearly showing the uniforms and equipment in use by the British troops during the Anglo-Boer War. It is entitled "Her Majesty's Heroes marching into Colesberg, S.A. after the Boers retre...
South Africa 1901

A view of one of the huge, converted Naval pieces used as artillery in the Anglo-Boer war. It is from an Underwood and Underwood stereoview and is entitled "Sighting one of the 4.7 Naval Guns on the Boer Position at Schwartzkop, S.A."
South Africa 1900

A photograph by Underwood and Underwood entitled "City of London Imperial Volunteers just arrived at the Orange River, South Africa." showing another of the different types of uniform worn by British forces in 1900.
South Africa 1900

A photograph entitled "Gen. Cronje's principle Commandants - surrendered to Lord Roberts, Feb 27th, S. Africa." showing a group of senior Boers reputedly taken by the British after Paardeberg. Currently I have no names to put to faces - anyone recogn...
South Africa 1900

An untitled photograph of a troop of horse artillery from the Anglo-Boer War period. The image clearly shows the late 19th century British khaki uniform. From an Underwood and Underwood stereoview.
South Africa 1901?

An image from Underwood and Underwood entitled "Remington Scouts enjoying lunch in a Boer home wrecked by Kaffirs, Yaasfontein, S.A." and gives a good impression of this renouned and somewhat irregular unit of Irregulars. It would be interesting to s...
South Africa 1900

A photograph exhibited in the Liddesdale Heritage Centre, Newcastleton showing the Territorials of the 4th KOSB with the caption "The territorials, under the command of Major Cochrane, on parade in Douglas Square before leaving for active service in ...
Liddesdale Heritage Centre, Newcastleton, Roxburghshire,Scotland. April 2005.