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Monuments to Individuals

Monuments commemorating individuals of military importance.

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A collection of Naval Memorials positioned on the banks of the River Mersey at Georges Dock Pierhead in Liverpool. They commemorate the vital part the city and it's shipping played in the survival of the British during the Second World War. The firs...
Georges Dock, Liverpool. Feb 2005

A monument on the Bosworth Battlefield placed to commemorate the fall of King Richard III during the battle. Although it indicates that it is placed on the spot where he fell, current research indicates that the actual site of the battle was some mil...
Bosworth Battlefield Visitor Centre and Country Park, Warwickshire, UK. March 2004

A monument to the Duke of Wellington at Hyde Park, outside his former home, Apsley House. The memorial is surrounded by 4 figures depicting four regiments he was associated with during his military career.
Hyde Park, London, England. June 2005

A section of the Quarterdeck showing, in the foreground (and in the detail picture), a brass plaque marking the point where admiral Nelson fell during the Battle of Trafalgar to musket fire from the Redoutable. He died later, on the orlop deck with t...
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, August 2002

A monument to the commander of the Cornish foot, Colonel Sir Bevile Grenvile, and the battle of Lansdown Hill (5th July 1643) positioned at the top of the hill (just off the present road) about the centre of the battlefield and approximately where he...
Lansdown Hill battlefield, near Bath, England. March 2003

This column, at the top of Picton Terrace in Carmarthen, Wales, was errected to commemorate General Sir Thomas Picton, (August, 1758 - June 18, 1815) who led the 'Fighting' 3rd Division of the Duke of Wellington's troops during the Penninsular War an...
Carmarthen, Wales. August 2004

The monument in London commemorating Simón Bolívar, the leader of the South American revolutionary forces who gained independence from Spain after a long military struggle for much of that continent. Bolivia is named in his honour.
Belgrave Square, London, UK. June 2005

The tomb and memorial to Sir Thomas Fairfax, one of the most prominent and skillful commanders of Parliamentary forces during the 1st English Civil War. He was a Yorkshireman, and is buried in his local church near York. A fine soldier, he was always...
Bilbrough Church near York, UK. July 2004

The grave of Lord Dacre who was killed fighting for the Lancastrians at the Battle of Towton. He is said to be buried in a standing position along with his horse.
Saxton churchyard, North Yorkshire, England. March 2003