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Pearl Harbour

Battle Name : Pearl Harbour

Date(s) : 07 December 1941

Part of : Second World War , Asia and Pacific , Japanese initial offensive ,

Type of battle : Land, Sea, Air


In a surprise attack, at 07:55 on Sunday 7th December, aircraft from the Japanese First Air Fleet under Adm. Nagumo attacked Oahu Island and the ships of the US Pacific Fleet. The defenders were taken completely unawares (war had not yet been declared, due to 'administrative problems') and as a result 4 US battleships, the Arizona, Oklahoma, West Virginia and California were lost along with 11 other ships while all four remaining battleships were damaged and more than 250 aircraft destroyed or damaged. The Japanese lost 29 of more than 300 attacking aircraft and 5 midget submarines. However, the US carriers were at sea so were not involved, and the dock and harbour facilities were quick to recover, both factors which made a difference to the American response in 1942.