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Java Sea

Battle Name : Java Sea

Date(s) : 27 February 1942

Part of : Second World War , Asia and Pacific , Japanese initial offensive , Invasion of the Dutch East Indies ,

Outcome : A victory for Japanese Imperial Navy over Australian, British, Dutch, American naval forces (ABDA command)

Type of battle : Sea


Dutch Admiral Doorman took his small, tired squadron of five crusiers (2 heavy, 3 light) and nine destroyers north from Surabaya to attack the Japanese forces approaching Java. He was met by a force under Admiral Takagi with 2 heavy crusiers, 2 light crusiers and 14 destroyers. In a seven hour battle, fought to the end, the ABDA squadron was effectively destroyed. Adm. Doorman went down with his flagship, the RNNS De Ruyter, along with the light crusier Java, and destroyers Kortenaer, HMS Electra and HMS Jupiter, for the cost of one Japanese destroyer.
Additionally, the crusier HMS Exeter was crippled and had to retire (to be sunk on 1st March) and the cruisers Houston and Perth attempted to escape, but were spotted and sunk the following day.
This left no remaining allied fleet between the Japanese and Australia.