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Battle Name : Kilsyth

Date(s) : 15 August 1645

Part of : The Civil Wars of the Three Kingdoms , The 1st English Civil War , Operations in Scotland 1645 ,

Outcome : A victory for Highland Royalist Clansmen over Parliamentarian Forces[Covenanters]

Type of battle : Land


The Royalists had taken station on the meadows alongside Colzium Burn where they waited for the Covenanters to attack. The Covenanters with 6,000 foot and 800 horse were seemingly given all the advantages but they were commanded by a committee who overruled their leader, Ballie. Poor generalship caused them to make a disastrous move across the front of the Royalists who then exploited this error to the full. Only a few hundred of the Covenanter infantry lived through the day though all of their leaders escaped.