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Mill Springs

Battle Name : Mill Springs

Date(s) : 19 January 1862 - 20 January 1862

Part of : American Civil War , Western Theatre, 1862 ,

Outcome : A victory for American Union Forces over American Confederate Forces

Type of battle : Land


Gen George H Thomas, at the head of a Union column of around 4,000 men advancing south through Kentucky towards Tennessee was attacked by Crittenden's Tennesseeans who had made a hard march through terrible weather and mud to confront them before they reached the Cumberland River. The attack started well for the Confederates but they were exhausted after wading through such mud and their 'surprise' attack didn't phase Thomas who summoned re-inforcements from nearby. When Zollicoffer, the Tennessee General under Crittenden was shot, his men broke and ran, much of the rest of the rebel line following their lead. Thomas' Union troops pursued as far as the river.


Logan's cross roads, near Mill Springs, Kentucky, USA (USA)