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Battle Name : Minden

Date(s) : 01 August 1759

Part of : Seven Years War ,

Outcome : A victory for Anglo-Hanoverian Army over French Army

Type of battle : Land


About forty four thousand French were engaged by thirty seven thousand Hanoverian and British troops. The battle's turning point came when the British infantry brigade attacked the infantry and cavalry holding the centre of the enemy line. [Most authorities belief this 'insane' action to have been the result of a mistaken order and/or language difficulties] The six British regiments broke the French line repulsing numerous cavalry charges as they did so. Excellent work by the Anglo-Hanoverian Artillery to exploit its greater mobility ensured the complete defeat of the enemy. French losses were about 10,000 compared with the 3,000 of the allies. Half of the allied casualties were from the six British regiments.


Banks of the Weser, Germany (Germany)

Casualty figures

Anglo-Hanoverian Army

Number engaged :

Casualties :
3,000 (8.11%)

French Army

Number engaged :

Casualties :
8,500 (19.32%)