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Anzio Bridgehead

Battle Name : Anzio Bridgehead

Date(s) : 22 January 1944 - 22 May 1944

Part of : Second World War , Southern Europe , Italy ,

Outcome : A victory for US VI Corps over German 14th Army

Type of battle : Land


The Allies progress north through Italy was held at the Gustav Line [Cassino]. An audacious plan was executed to land American and British troops at Anzio, 70 miles behind the Gustav Line and 30 miles south of Rome. The inital landing, by the Us 3rd Inf. Div. and the British 1st Inf. Div.was almost unopposed. This initial advantage was not exploited U S Maj-Gen Lucas, the commander of the force, preferred to wait to build up his strength. This allowed the Germans to react in greater strength and prevent the first attempt to break out on the 31st Jan. Strong German attacks, especially the 16th Feb., looked for a while as if they would split the bridgehead in two. The last major threat at the end of Feb. was held and the bridgehead deemed to be secure. Break-out occurred on the 17th May and the link was made with the American 5th Army on the 22nd May.


The Italian west coast north and south of the town of Anzio about 30 miles south of Rome. (Italy)