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Campaign Name : Italy

Date(s) : 03 September 1943 - 02 May 1945

Part of : Second World War , Southern Europe ,


The Italian armistice was signed on the 3rd Sept 1943 taking Italy out of the Axis. Hitler ordered the reinforcement of German forces in Italy. The result was a long and bitter campaign during which the Allies attacked and broke a series of German defensive lines. In the main the British 8th Army worked up the eastern side and the US 5th Army took the western side. On many occasions divisions were 'lent' across the divide although communication across the mountainous spine of Italy was difficult. The German 10th Army had many high quality units including Panzers and parachutists. The Allies made great use of their air and naval superiority using some small scale and one large, Anzio, amphibious hops to get round difficult positions. The Allies were weakened by the removal of troops and transport for Overlord and Anvil [the landings in Southern France]. The Germans were strengthened as they were pushed further and further north. At the end the Germans outnumbered the Allies but lacked armour and air support. With the Allies at the foothills of the Alps the armistice became effective on the 2nd May 1945.

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