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Battle Name : Narva

Date(s) : 20 November 1700

Part of : Second or Great Northern War ,

Outcome : A victory for Swedish Army over Russian Army

Type of battle : Land


The Russians with an army of 40,000 were besieging the city of Narva. Charles XII, commanding about 10,000 Swedes came to relieve the city. Aided by a snowstorm the Swedes attacked the Russians breaking through the centre of their line and then fanning out to take forces in the flank. The shock tactics, carried out at speed and with great bravery, surprised the mainly 'green' Russian soldiers. The battle was significant success for Charles XII and his Swedes but the ease of the victory sowed the seeds of his eventual defeat.


City of Narva on the Narva river, in Northern Estonia about 10 miles from the coast of the Gulf of Finland. (Estonia)

Casualty figures

Swedish Army

Number engaged :

Casualties :
1,882 (18.82%)

Russian Army

Number engaged :

Casualties :
8,000 (20.00%)