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Transvaal Boer Burgher


Pictured here is a Transvaal Burgher Force volunteer in the Anglo-Zulu War. wearing the civilian clothes that such a volunteer would have worn as he reads his Bible in High Dutch on a Sunday morning. The rifle is a two-band Snider Enfield and next to him on the chair are a rifle holster, a knapsack, a water bottle, a bridle and a saddle holster (the latter for loose kit). Against the chair rest 2 Zulu spears of the 'iklwa' type. On the ground is an oilcloth cape. In most respects, this is much the same gear as used for the Transvaal War of Independence and the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902, although by 1899 the Snider was obsolete and the Boers would carry a Mauser or Lee-Metford instead. Member of the Heilbron Commando re-enactment group.


Buittle Castle event, near Dalbeattie, Scotland. Easter 2004

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