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Nile [Aboukir Bay]

Battle Name : Nile [Aboukir Bay]

Date(s) : 01 August 1798 - 02 August 1798

Part of : The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars , Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign ,

Outcome : A victory for British Mediterranean Squadron over French Mediterranean Fleet

Type of battle : Sea


Having escorted Napoleon's transports for the invasion of Egypt De Bruey's anchored his fleet of 13 line of battle ships and four frigates close to the shore of Aboukir Bay. Nelson had been desperately seeking the French all over the Mediterranean and was greatly relieved to find them. Although it was nearly the end of the day Nelson decided to attack immediately and issued orders to that effect. His fleet of 12 line of battle ships approached the French line from windward. The first ship of his line was the Goliath which was steered to pass between the French and the shore. Four other ships of the line followed his course and the remainder sailed to the seaward side of the French. Although the French fought with exceptional bravery Nelson's victory was decisive, all but two of the French being sunk, burnt or captured.


Aboukir Bay, to the West of the Nile Delta, Egypt. The engagement took place only a short wat off shore close into the shallows.