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off Yarmouth Roads

Battle Name : off Yarmouth Roads

Date(s) : 02 June 1653 - 03 June 1653

Part of : Anglo-Dutch War, First ,

Outcome : A victory for English Fleet over Dutch Fleet

Type of battle : Sea


The English fleet of 87 ships which had been lying in Yarmouth Roads took on the Dutch fleet of 104 ships in the southern area of the North Sea. On the 2nd June the battle raged from 11 am until 6 pm. Overnight Blake rejoined the English fleet with his squadron of 18 fresh ships. During the 3rd June the battle became a running fight with the Dutch heading for their own coast.
In the course of the battle the Dutch lost twenty ships [eleven taken, nine sunk] no English ships were lost but many were badly mauled.
This was the last battle of the First Anglo-Dutch War.


Across the southern North Sea (North Sea)