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Battle Name : Austerlitz

Date(s) : 02 December 1805

Part of : French War of the Third Coalition , Napoleon's Ulm-Austerlitz Campaign. ,

Outcome : A victory for Grande Armée over Russo-Austrian Army

Type of battle : Land


Napoleon's Grand Armée decisively defeated a numerically greater Russo-Austrian army. The battle was Napoleon's tactical masterpiece with his opponents following his plan to the letter. The battle effectively ended Austria's involvement in the Third Coalition with the Russian retreating and the Austrians suing for peace.


A small town in the southeast of Moravia [now Czech Republic] about 10 miles east of Brünn [now Brno]. The battle front was about 9 miles wide. (Czech Republic)

Casualty figures

Grande Armée

Number engaged :

Casualties :
9,000 (12.30%)

Russo-Austrian Army

Number engaged :

Casualties :
27,000 (31.62%)