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Salamanca [Siege]

Battle Name : Salamanca [Siege]

Date(s) : 17 June 1812 - 27 June 1812

Part of : The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars , The Peninsular Campaign ,

Outcome : A victory for British & Allied Forces over French Garrison

Type of battle : Land


Once again a siege operation conducted by Wellington was more expensive in lives than it might have been given more preparation. An abortive storming on the 23 June and the final storming on the 27th were both very costly. However Wellington's haste may have been in response to the fact that Marmont's Army of Portugal [40,000] were circling round Salamanca.


A city in western Spain about 111 miles northwest of Madrid. (Spain)

Casualty figures

French Garrison

Number engaged :

Casualties :
800 (100.00%)

British & Allied Forces

Number engaged :

Casualties :
430 (0.99%)