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The seige of York

Battle Name : The seige of York

Date(s) : 21 April 1644 - 15 July 1644

Part of : The Civil Wars of the Three Kingdoms , The 1st English Civil War ,

Outcome : A victory for Scottish and Parliamentarian forces over Royalist Garrison

Type of battle : Land, Seige


Following the serious defeat at Selby, the Marquis of Newcastle was able to re-garrison York but was immediately besieged by Lord Fairfax's Parliamentarians and Lord Leven's Scots. When the Earl of Manchester arrived with his forces to complete the encirclement, King Charles sent Prince Rupert to attempt to lift the seige. 2 attempts to storm the city's defences were made but both were drive off, and Rupert, by approaching from an unexpected direction (from Boroughbridge, rather than from Tadcaster as expected) bypassed the Parliamentarian forces sent to meet him and relieved the city. All would have been well but that Rupert then decided, against Newcastle's wishes, to then leave the city and meet Fairfax, Leven and Manchester in battle on Marston Moor (see entry). The completeness of the defeat of the Royalist army that day persuaded the garrison that no further help could be expected and they sued for terms.


The city of York, North Yorkshire, England. (England)