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Valcour Island

Battle Name : Valcour Island

Date(s) : 11 October 1776

Part of : American War of Independence ,

Outcome : A victory for British Lake Flotilla over American Lake Flotilla

Type of battle : Sea


A makeshift flotilla of ships built and commanded by Benedict Arnold to defend Lake Champlain was attacked by Sir Guy Carletons flotilla of British ships and gunboats and all but destroyed. Although several of the American boats escaped during the night, which was particularly foggy, Carleton caught up with them again by the 13th, and what he didn't destroy, Arnold beached and fired.

Although Arnold was decisively beaten, he had successfully delayed Carleton from attacking south from Canada and taking Fort Ticonderoga which General Burgoyne was hoping to use to begin his campaign the following year.


Valcour Island in Lake Champlain on the Hudson River, Southern Canada. (Canada)