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Battle Name : Walcourt

Date(s) : 25 August 1689

Part of : The War of the Spanish Succession ,

Outcome : A victory for Allied Army over French Army

Type of battle : Land


Prince Waldeck commanded the Allied army, Marlborough commanded the British contingent under him. The vanguard of the French army under Marshal d'Humières surprised foragers who were being protected by Colonel Hodges' Regiment [16th Foot] a brilliant brave rearguard action by the 16th allowed time for the army to form up and the town of Walcourt to be brought to readiness. d'Humières flung attacks against the town and then against the formed Allied army. He suffered severely. When the time seemed right, about 6pm, Waldeck launched a double attack, General Slangenberg's Dutch against their left and Marlborough, at the head of the Life Guards and the Blues, against their right. The French broke and retreated but valuable service by the French cavalry prevented the retreat from becoming a rout.


Walcourt, Southern Belgium (Belgium)