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Battle Name : Blenheim

Date(s) : 13 August 1704

Part of : The War of the Spanish Succession ,

Outcome : A victory for Allied Armies [British/Dutch/Holy Roman Empire] over Franco-Bavarian Alliance

Type of battle : Land


Although Tallard, commanding the French-Bavarian army, was surprised he still had time to draw up his army into a battle formation. He had a slight superiority in overall numbers, [56,000 to 52,000] and an advantage in artillery [90 guns to 66 guns] Partly because of initial errors in the disposition of the French Bavarians and partly trhrough the brilliant exploitation of this by Marlborough; the Allies were able to split the Franco-Bavarians into three isolated centres. The battle was intense from beginning, 12.30 to the end 21.00 and resulted in the overwhelming defeat of the French-Bavarian army and saved Vienna.


Western Germany/Southern Bavaria on the North bank of the Danube. (Germany)