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Convoys PQ13-QP9

Engagement/Skirmish Name : Convoys PQ13-QP9

Date(s) : 24 March 1942 - 04 April 1942 (estimated date)

Part of : Second World War , Atlantic Naval operations , Arctic Convoys ,


Both convoys consisted of nineteen merchant ships and were escorted by the whole Home Fleet through the most dangerous part of their journey. The outward bound PQ13 was hit by heavy storms and dispersed to such an extent that no ships were in sight of the escorts on the 27th March. In spite of the defenceless ships the Luftwaffe only managed to sink two. On the 29th about 0900hrs in appaling weather German heavy destroyers came into contact with the escorts. The German destroyer Z26 was sunk. H.M.S. Trinidad was damaged by a torpedo and limped into Murmansk. It was later discovered that it was her own torpedo, the motor and gyroscopic controls having been affected by the intense cold, which had hit her.
In spite of appaling weather and strong enemy action, by Luftwaffe, U-boats and surface vessels, only five of the thirty-eight ships were lost