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Battle Name : Denain

Date(s) : 24 July 1712

Part of : The War of the Spanish Succession ,

Outcome : A victory for French Army over Allied Army

Type of battle : Land


Political intrigues held Marlborough in England and the British army in camp. Villars, commanding the French, launched a strong rapid attack on the mainly Dutch troops, under Lord Albermarle, who were defending Denain. The Dutch losses were heavier than they might have been because the British pontoon bridges across the Scheldt had been removed. The battle was an overwhelming defeat for the Dutch.


Town of Denain, north eastern France. (France)

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Marlborough was relieved of the command of the British army and consequently the command of the Allies. Political machinations by which the Tory government in Britain were conducting secret negotiations with the French cause the British force of 12,000 men to be confined to camp while the action at Denain was fought.

The French went on to gain back much of the territory and many of the strongpoints it had lost in the previous years. Marlborough's absence was severly felt. When all parties finally came to the negotiating table the French were able to gain far better terms in 1713 than they would have got at the end of 1711.