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Battle Name : Aboukir

Date(s) : 25 July 1799

Part of : The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars , Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign ,

Outcome : A victory for French Army of the Orient over Turkish Army

Type of battle : Land


The Turkish commander, Mustafa Pasha, deployed his 20,000 troops in defensive lines. Napoleon with his depleted army having just returned from the Siege of Acre could only field 7,700 men and 17 field guns. Inspite of the disparity in numbers Napoleon attacked. The first Turkish line broke to initial infantry attacks on the wings and cavalry smashing through the weakened centre. The second, shorter, line held for a while but artillery directed against just one end of the line allowed Napoleon's cavalry to 'roll up' the defenders. The Turks were destroyed by the end of the day although some held out as the garrison of the fortress of Aboukir until the 2nd August 1799.


Aboukir peninsular about 15 miles East of Alexandria. (Egypt)

Casualty figures

French Army of the Orient

Number engaged :

Casualties :
1,100 (13.75%)

Turkish Army

Number engaged :

Casualties :
5,000 (71.43%)