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English Channel 1653

Battle Name : English Channel 1653

Date(s) : 18 February 1653 - 20 February 1653

Part of : Anglo-Dutch War, First ,

Outcome : An inconclusive engagement between English Fleet and Dutch Fleet

Type of battle : Sea


The English fleet of 70 warships under the command of Admirals Blake, Deane and Monk were on station to intercept a Dutch convoy. When it was sighted off Portland it was said to contain 300 merchant ships escorted by 73 warships. A fierce battle ensued, initially the early arriving English ships coming off badly but as more came up the fight became more even. As night fell the seven or eight English ships which had come off worst were sunk and their crews taken onto the other ships.
The next day, 19th Feb., it was 1400hrs before the English again got up with the Dutch and the running battle continued off the Isle of Wight. As night was falling the wind which had been West/West South-West swung to North West and the Dutch made the port of Calais. The English anchored to the West of the port. Overnight the Dutch escaped.
The English lost 8 ships sunk and the Dutch lost 11 ships of war and 60 merchant ships.


Action took place all along the English Channel from Portland to Calais (English Channel)