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Battle Name : Glenshiel

Date(s) : 10 June 1719

Part of : Jacobite Rebellions ,

Outcome : A victory for British Government Troops over Jacobite Force

Type of battle : Land


A landing in Scotland of a small Spanish force under George Keith, 10th Earl Marischal, was poorly supported by the Highland chiefs. The Jacobites numbering about 1000 Highlanders and 250 Spaniards attempted to hold a blocking position at Glenshiel. The Government force under General Wightman of just over 1000 men attacked the position. A bombardment by four Coehorn mortars caused the Jacobite right to withdraw and a flanking movement by the dragoons turned the Jacobite left. The entire line then broke and ran. The Spaniards surrendered to General Wightman.


The battlefield lies just off the A87 about half way between Loch Duich and Loch Cluanie where the road crosses the river Shiel. (Scotland)