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Lissa (Vis)

Battle Name : Lissa (Vis)

Date(s) : 20 July 1866

Part of : Austro-Prussian "Seven Week" war ,

Outcome : A victory for Austrian Naval squadron over Italian Naval force

Type of battle : Land


An Italian force (allied with the Prussians) of 10 ironclads in the Adriatic, under Adm. Count Carlo di Persano was challenged by a mixed Italian squadron of ironclads and wooden gunboats under Adm. Wilhelm von Tegethoff. The Italians, steaming in traditional line astern were attacked by the Austrians in a wedge formation, the ironclads protecting the wooden ships and the flagship at the point. The effect was dramatic, the Italian force was broken, with their flagship being rammed and sunk by von Tegethoff's ship itself. The ensuing melee all but destroyed the small Italian navy.
The result made little difference to the war, however, as by this time the Austrians had been defeated on land by the Prussians