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Battle Name : Malplaquet

Date(s) : 11 September 1709

Part of : The War of the Spanish Succession ,

Outcome : A victory for Marlborough's Allied Army over French

Type of battle : Land


The largest of Marlborough's battles in terms of troops involved. The Allies with 110,000 men attacked the French and Bavarian's of 80,000. The French/Bavarian army was in a strong position in wooded country side on a front which they had spent three days preparing. In a very bloody battle the Allies, particularly the Dutch, took very heavy casualties. About 24,000 Allied soldiers were killed compared with 9,000 French/Bavarians. The French/Bavarians conducted an orderly retreat and saved most of their guns.
The result was a technical victory for the Allies in that it removed the French from a strategically important position and opened the way for the seige and capture of Mons and Tournai


Approximately ten miles South West of the sity of Mons in Belgium.