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A display of Infantry weapons of World War 2


A display of infantry weapons used during World War II. From the left the weapons areas follows:
- The wooden stock sub-machine gun at the bottom is an elderly German Bergman MP18 dating back to WW1 (but used in WW2).
- The pistol with lanyard and webbing holster is a standard British Webley (probably Mk VI) service revolver, 6-shot, .455 inch caliber.
- The sub-machine gun in the centre is a British Sten Gun, 9mm cal. approx 500 rpm.
- The brass pistol, is a British flare gun, used for signal flares.
- The rifle with the bayonet is the classic British Lee Enfield .303inch short magazine breech loading rifle.
- The carbine in the upper right of the picture is the American M1 Carbine .30 inch also used by British troops in the jungle.
- The weapon with just the barrel appearing from the right is the British Bren Mk 1 light machine gun, .303inch, 500rpm magazine fed and still used by the British and other armies well into the 1970's


Taken at the York Castle Museum, York, England, 2003

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