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British Army of the Rhine, circa 1970

British soldiers in full combat dress
A British Gunner of the Royal Artillery
A selection of regiments including the KOSB and th


A selection of re-enactors representing the British Army of the Rhine during the 1970's. They are dressed and equiped for the period in British DPM camouflage, '58 pattern webbing, puttees around the boots, and SLR L1A1 rifles (with the earlier wooden furniture).

The uniforms represent various regiments including the Kings Own Scottish Borderers (KOSB), Royal Arillery (RA) and the Parachute Regiment with the classic red beret. He also sports the para smock and Stirling 9mm Sub Machine gun as personal weapon.

Members are from The 20th Century Revisited group.


History at Murton - Murton Park, York, England. April 2008

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