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Battle Name : Nashville

Date(s) : 15 December 1864 - 16 December 1864

Part of : American Civil War , Western Theatre, 1864 ,

Outcome : A victory for American Union Forces over American Confederate Forces

Type of battle : Land


Thomas, in command of 50,000 Union troops behind the stout defences of Nashville watched Hood's confederates approach after their shattering at Franklin. When he decided the time was right he attacked from Nashville, several divisions pinning down the rebel right flank while the majority of his force smashed into their left flank. Hoods men held on grimly till nightfall, when they fell back to a shorter defensive line. The following day Thomas repeated his tactics of yesterday, but this time managing to get cavalry with repeating carbines right round the Confederate left flank to attack from the rear. This was the final straw and Hoods men folded. Thousands simply gave up, the rest fled south.