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Puerto de Arlaban

Battle Name : Puerto de Arlaban

Date(s) : 09 April 1812

Part of : The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars , The Peninsular Campaign ,

Outcome : A victory for Spanish Guerrillas over Franco-Polish Forces

Type of battle : Land


Mina's Guerilla force was tying down 30,000 French troops who were therefore not available to fight Wellington. They also disrupted French supplies. In this particular example a large convoy of sick soldiers, civilians, prisoners, baggage, food supplies and cash were escorted by 2 battalions [2,000 troops 7th Polish Infantry Regiment]. The Spaniards killed about 500 Poles, captured others, released the prisoners and gained several hundred thousand Francs.


A mountain pass between Vitoria Gasteiz and Mandragon in northern Spain. (Spain)

Casualty figures

Franco-Polish Forces

Number engaged :

Casualties :
650 (32.50%)

Spanish Guerrillas

Number engaged :

Casualties :