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Battle Name : Wynendael

Date(s) : 28 September 1708

Part of : The War of the Spanish Succession ,

Outcome : A victory for Marlborough's Allied Army over French Army

Type of battle : Land


Supply problems for the seige of Lille caused Marlborough to move significant supplies from Ostend across the front of a sizeable French force. General Webb with 6,000 men formed the escort. They were intercepted in the thickly forested area near Wynendael by Lamotte with 23,000 men. Because of the narrowness of the open ground Lamotte could not outflank the smaller force. The action began about 2.30 pm and was becoming a war of attrition when men who Webb had concealed in the woods on both flanks 'rose out of the ground'. The Allied volley fire broke the French infantry, the left collapsing inwards onto the right. Just as Lamotte ordered up his dragoons General Cadogan arrived at the battle with a column of allied cavalry.
The French withdrew with considerable losses.


Woods near Wynendael, approximately 18 miles south east of Ostend, Belgium. (Belgium)