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Boudicca's Revolt

Battle Name : Boudicca's Revolt

Date(s) : 61

Part of : Roman Occupation of Britain ,

Outcome : A victory for Roman Army over Iceni and Trinovantes

Type of battle : Land


Due to an inept piece of Roman administration two 'pacified' British tribes the Iceni, under their king's widow, Boudicca, and the Trinovantes rose in revolt. They marched on Colchester and massacred the inhabitants. They destroyed a detachment of the lX legion hurriedly sent to the city's aid. The governor, Paulinus, returned hastily from Wales but the small force he brought with him could do nothing against the tribal hordes. He retreated northwards. The tribes followed him sacking Verulamium [St. Albans] on the way. Paulinus linked up with the legions he had ordered to assemble. The XlV, about half the XX and a number of auxillaries from garrisons around the Midlands. His 10,000 were massively outnumbered by at least 10 to 1. However Paulinus chose the ground and the Britons were neither disciplined nor organized. The battlefield became a blood bath where the Romans slaughtered warriors, tribesmen and non-combattants. Tacitus put the casualty figures as 400 Romans 80,000 Britons.