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Donauwörth [The Schellenberg]

Battle Name : Donauwörth [The Schellenberg]

Date(s) : 02 July 1704

Part of : The War of the Spanish Succession ,

Outcome : An inconclusive engagement between Marlborough's Allied Army and Franco-Bavarian Alliance

Type of battle : Land


The Allies arrived outside the fortress of Donauwörth in the afternoon of the 2nd July much to the surprise of the Bavarian defenders. Marlborough ordered an immediate attack on the outer strong points of the defences. This had the effect of pulling many men from the central positions in Bavarian defences. This achieved Marlborough then attacked the central positions and drove a wedge between the two parts of his opponents forces. By 20.15 hrs the fortress had fallen and the town of Donauwörth fell soon after. The allies had secured a major bridge across the Danube.


Donauwörth on the Danube, Southern Bavaria