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Lexington & Concord

Battle Name : Lexington & Concord

Date(s) : 19 April 1775

Part of : American War of Independence ,

Outcome : A victory for Massachusetts militiamen over British regular troops

Type of battle : Land


The opening engagements of the war. A British force under Col Smith attempting to arrest members of the Provincial Congress and seize rebel arms were briefly engaged by a small party of rebels as they approached Lexington, then came under increasing heavy fire as they retreated, empty handed, from Concord. Reinforcements and artillery under Brig. Perce enabled the British to reach the safety of Bunker Hill but not without loss.


The road between Concord, Lexington and Boston, Massachusetts, USA. (USA)

Casualty figures

British regular troops

Number engaged :

Casualties :
273 (13.00%)

Massachusetts militiamen

Number engaged :

Casualties :
94 (2.31%)